Meeting Official Screening Regulations

We know how important compliance knowledge and expertise is for organisations conducting employment screening. Sterling places great importance on itself, and its reputation, as a credible and respected provider of employment screening solutions which support our clients’ compliance. At the core of this reputation is our ability to support compliance amidst the regulatory dynamics of the screening industry and the industries in which our clients operate. We are committed to continual investment in compliance research and monitor the frequent regulatory changes that may impact your employment screening programme.

While Sterling can not replace, or act as a substitute to, your legal counsel, our dedicated compliance and product knowledge teams can proactively impart knowledge and expertise to help you develop compliant employment screening practices.

Data Protection

Sterling (EMEA) BV is established in the European Union and complies fully with its obligations under the GDPR and other relevant legislation pertaining to the correct gathering, safe handling, use, storage, retention, and disposal of personal information.

To find out about what information we use and how we use it, take a look at our privacy statement.